Help us bring Ukrainians to Alaska

At some point of life, we are all faced with the decision of whether or not to help others. If you want to help others, now is your chance. The recently unveiled “Uniting for Ukraine” program provides a pathway for Ukrainian citizens and their family members to come to the United States and stay for a two year period of humanitarian parole. However, Ukrainians must have a sponsor in the U.S. who will agree to provide them with support. That is where we, New Chance Inc. “Ukraine Relief Program”, are stepping up and asking Alaskans to step up to help forcibly displaced families from Ukraine.

The humanitarian situation in Ukraine is dire. Most Ukrainians have lost everything – their homes and belongings, their livelihoods, their support networks, and in many cases their loved ones. These people are desperately trying to escape death and they need your protection.

As Alaskans we know how important being a good neighbor is. The Ukraine Relief Program is helping bring these displaced Ukrainians to Alaska. They are people from all walks of life: nurses, business owners, chefs, teachers, waitresses, construction workers, mechanics, artists, and more. Some may come with their families, parents, or children, and many will come on their own. With your help as a Sponsor, we can make our community a better place.

Sponsors are the key to the success of welcoming Ukrainian refugees to Alaska
We invite YOU to become sponsor TODAY

More about Sponsorship

Sponsors need to “maintain and support” immigrants a requirement which will mean different things depending on the beneficiary’s needs. Most likely this will include providing safe and appropriate housing, immediate health care needs (refugees are eligible for Medicaid), transportation to and from appointments, help with applications for employment authorizations, various paperwork and services (eg. a social security card), access to education, learning English, helping children enroll in school, and integration into the community and the country at large.

Form I-134, Declaration of Financial Support must be filled out by U.S. sponsors to show the federal government that you are able and willing to support a non-U.S. citizen during that person’s stay in the United States. Uniting for Ukraine allows online filing of the I-134 form ( www.uscis.com) by a sponsor located in the United States, and there is no filing fee.

Here is how you can help

➢  If you are interested in being a sponsor, please fill out our interest form. We will use this to help match you with Ukrainians in need of sponsorship.

➢  If you are not able to be a sponsor, please consider sharing the information about this program with supporters in your community.

➢  If you cannot be a sponsor, but can host a Ukrainian family, please fill out our accommodations form. We will match you with Ukrainians needing a place to stay.

➢  If you can Employ a Ukrainian refuge, please fill out our Employment Form.

➢  If you would like to offer your volunteering skills, please let us know by filling out our form.

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