OUR MISSION is to provide relief to those affected by the Ukraine conflict with Russia in the form and fashion that best meets the needs of the individual and families and respects their rights as human beings. We provide support to sponsors and beneficiaries who are coming to Alaska through the Uniting for Ukraine program. Our services include housing program, employment assistance, education, stabilization, and all around wellbeing to aid towards integration in Alaska. Periodically gather support to aid those still inside Ukraine. Compassion, dignity, and respect are the driving forces of our mission. We seek to offer assistance and help to allow individuals and families to rebuild their lives and their self-sufficiency.
When the war broke out in Ukraine many Alaskans started contacting New
Chance Church in Anchorage as many of its members are Ukrainian. Quickly the church became a local hub for the Ukrainian conflict. As the war in Ukraine was not ending and our efforts increasing in collaboration with other local organizations and individuals, we initiated a new independent organization, New Chance Inc – Ukraine Relief Program.

Today, our team and efforts continue to grow as we welcome new neighbors to Alaska, who choose to make this remarkable place their home.

Our client services encompass a wide range of support to aid in seamless integration into Alaska. Partnering with organizations like Alaska Housing Financial Corporation and Catholic Social Services, we offer assistance in securing housing, employment, and educational opportunities. Additionally, through collaborations with the Alaska Job Center, we facilitate trade development initiatives. Our approach extends to providing English classes, social activities, and support for overall well-being, ensuring a supportive environment for our clients’ success.

Yuri Tarankov
Shane Engel
Dimitri Vakulich
Taras Ilnitskiy